Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Blog

So after months of admiring all of the wonderful knitting blogs out there, I finally decided to start my own. I predict it will either suck because I will never put in the time to update, or I will become obsessed and it will take up all my spare time. That is, until I get invited to Ravelry because that is sure to be the end of me. But I'm behind like 13,000+ people so it's gonna be awhile. Anyway, I'm really in the process of getting pictures of my past FOs together so it's not an empty blog. I did, however, finish one today that I can post, so yay! I'm really excited about joining the rest of the knitting world, and for that matter the rest of the internet because it seems like everyone but me has a blog already. Onto the knitting.

My friends are having a Where's Waldo party next weekend. Feeling nostalgic and crafty, I jumped at the idea of knitting a Waldo hat. And I also loved the idea of using some acrylic yarn up. I just made this up as I went, using Caron Simply Soft. Enjoy!

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Claire said...

I love Where's Waldo! Although in the UK it's called Where's Wally. Great job with the hat.